Top 10 Search Terms

Just for fun, I took at look at the search terms that have brought people here. Some were to be expected. Several made me laugh out loud. So here are my top ten favorite search terms:

10. is nadia bolz-weber divorced

Because… you’re hoping she’s available?

9. baby jesus major

Major what?! I need to know? Like, Baby Jesus College Major? Like what was Baby Jesus’ major? Or were you interested in majoring in Baby Jesus? Or is this a new constellation? Is there a Baby Jesus Minor? Is this a fundamentalist takeover of the firmament? So many questions…

8. theology exegesis blasphemy

Ok, this one isn’t a surprise, really. Thank you, Google, for sending me people looking for blasphemous exegesis.

7. “dies in the pain of negativity”

Also not a surprise, I just love the phrase and the thought of someone googling it.

6. why did leon ferrari put jesus on a war plane?

He needed to get him somewhere fast? He didn’t want to paint a pin-up on the nose, because he’s a prude? He did it on a dare? Art is hardddddddd. Google that shit.

5. melancholia neitsche

Because I never tire of Nietzsche misspellings. This was a new one to me. Maybe spelling “melancholia” correctly wore you out.

4. divorce over a boat

Oh, come on, now that is just sad. But apparently I’m reaching a new demographic!

3. theology of twila paris

I feel bad for this person. I hope they’re ok after stumbling across this blog.

2. jesus with grenade


And my number one favorite:

1. greg ginn cats

That’s right, you googled about Black Flag and cats and found me and my pile of posts on radical theology. I could not be happier about this. Let’s hang out next time you’re in town. You sound awesome. (I also wonder if you weren’t google image searching Twila Paris earlier…)